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Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs are located in Changping District ,about 50 kilometers (31 miles) to the northwest of Beijing ,This imperial cemetery covers an area of 80 square kilometers with 13 Ming emperors ,23 empresses ,many imperial concubines ,princes and princesses buried here .There tombs are the best preserved of all Chinese imperial tombs.

Stone Statues(shixiangsheng) £ºStone Statues are putted in front of the imperial cemeteries ,It shows the supreme authority and dignity of the emperors and served as ceremonial guards .

Layout of Ming Tombs : therse is a spirit path which stretches seven kilometers from south to north across the center of the site to symbolize the dignity of the emperors. In front of the mausoleum gate is huge marble archway built some 450 years ago,The archway was built with massive white marble, and the vivid and exquisite archway carving was rarely seen during the Ming and Qing dynasties

One kilometer from the archway is the main Great Palace Gate,beyond the Gate is Sacred Way . Along both sides of the Sacred Way are stone animals and stone human figures. The procession starts with four lions, four xiezhai (mythical beasts with a single horn), four elephants, four qilin and four horses. In each group one pair is standing and the other kneeling. The human figures are four military officials, four civil officials and four meritorious officials. the Sacred Way lead to a three-arched gate known as the Dragon and Phoenix Gate and the first tomb changling

Dingling , one of the tombs, is the tomb of the Wanli Emperor and his empress consort. It is the only Ming tomb to have been excavated. It also remains the only intact imperial tomb.

Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs Day Tour

Your driver guide will meet you at your hotel at the appointed time. drive 1.5 hours to Mutianyu Great Wall .your guide will escort you exploring the Great Wall for 2 hours .Lunch will be arranged by your self ,the guide will give you some advice about the restaurant nearby. After lunch ,drive to visit Ming Tombs. transfer you to your hotel at the end of day tour.¡¡¡¡Mobile:(0086)1369 367 8075