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Simatai Great Wall,Beijing Great Wall Tours

The Great Wall is the best architecture in China, while the Simatai Great Wall is the best section among the Great Wall sections.

Simatai Great Wall is about 120 kilometers(75 miles) northeast of Beijing City.It stretches 5.4 kilometers (3.4 miles) ,and is divided into two parts by Simatai Reservoir, with 16 towers east and 23 towers west. The two parts are connected by a chain bridge.Many parts of Walls here were built on sheer cliffs or on steep mountain slopes. It rises and falls sharply but has every essential structure¡ªwatch towers and parapets.It makes a breathtaking scene.

It was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty in 6th century.It was rebuilt in order to strengthen its defensive potential in Ming Dynasty. It served as the northern protective screen, guarding the capital and imperial mausoleums for generations.

How to tour Simatai Great Wall

1. Simatai Great Wall has been partially restored and remain its old appearance. only eastern section is open from No. 1 Tower to No. 10 Tower

2. a cable car is available here , you are suggested to take cable car up to the Great Wall to save your energy. you will find there are two footpaths leading to No 5 Tower and No.8 Tower when you reach the cable car upper station.

3. you will choose one of footpaths leading to No.8 Tower,continue to walk up to No .10 Tower ."It is amazing; It is unbelievable; It is fantastic..." all this words can not express your feeling by standing at the top of the lofty mountains, each tower in a distance look magnificent.

4. if you can not finish the whole section from No. 10 Tower to No .2 . you can exit at No.5 Tower and walk back to Cable Car Station .

5. if you have enough energy ,go ahead to reach No .2 Tower ,then walk down the Hill .

It is necessary to make a reservation in advance

The number of visitors has been increasing greatly each year and some parts of Wall are still dangerous. In order to let visitors have safe and pleasant tour ,The visitors number is limited each day .

If you only intend to climb the Great Wall skipping the water town , you should make an online reservation ,using a valid ID /passport on the official website : will get a confirmation message after booking.You should bring your confirmation message and your ID/passport to buy the entry tickets to Great Wall upon your arrival.

The ticket office can not guarantee the entry ticket only to the Great Wall if visitors have not made online reservation in advance .¡¡¡¡Mobile:(0086)1369 367 8075