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Badaling Great Wall

The Badaling Great Wall is about 75 kilometers northwest of Beijing ,and it is the best preserved part of the Great Wall .it used to be an important pass in the defense of Beijng .An old saying can be the best description : ˇ° It needs only one man to block ten thousand troopsˇ± or ˇ° if one man guards the pass,ten thousands can not get through.ˇ±

this section were built and reinforced during the Ming Dynasty to defend Beijing against the aggression of northern Mongolians. The total length of this section is 12 kilometers with 43 watchtowers, however about 4 kilometers have been restored and opened to visitors.The Wall at Badaling averages 7.8 meters high, 6.5 meters wide at its base, and 5.8 meters on the top ,wide enough for five horses or ten soldiers walking abreast on the wall . outer side is battlements, the inner side is parapet ,square sized hole below for shooting arrows and also for keeping a watch over the enemies .

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